Sunday, November 23, 2008

Literary Graffiti and Instructions

We will be using Literary Graffiti for the next few activties. Literary Graffiti is an interactive that allows you to draw pictures with a paint tool and to write about the images in a writing prompt. You will need the shockwave player to use the interactive. It can be downloaded from readwritethink's technical support page.  

You'll get two printer options on the first page of the interactive: black and white printer and color printer.   The only way the interactive allows you to save your work is by printing, so you'll want to choose the appropriate option.  However, there is another way to save your work without printing if you have the necessary tools. If you are using Windows Vista, you can use the snipping tool in the accessories folder to "snip," or rather take a picture of, your work. If you have a Mac, there is a similar screen capture tool available. There are also other screen capture tools that you can downloaded free-of-charge from

Once you have taken a picture of your work, upload it to Flickr to share with the rest of the class. If you had to print your work, scan it and then upload it to Flickr. I will provide examples of work posted to Flickr in the next few posts. Each of your pictures on Flickr should be tagged either "literary graffiti activity Gatsby," literary graffiti activity Frost," or literary graffiti activity Sandburg" (don't forget the quotation marks) so that we can easily find one another's works online. 

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